The Nectar Solution Suite Uses Cutting-Edge Data Processing Technology and Proprietary Algorithms to Deliver Accurate, Real-Time Customer Communications

Hosted in our Dallas data center, Nectar Online’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite is built using cutting-edge database and data processing technologies that enable billions of data elements to be analyzed quickly and efficiently. Our data is housed in a NoSQL environment for large scale data access, and we utilize the MapReduce model for parallel data processing with a cluster of servers. This technology combination supports significant scale, efficient customer profile updates and rapid data access, to deliver real-time customer communications. It’s not just Big Data; it’s Actionable Data!


Key Features


  • Scalable, Reliable, and Secure – Nectar’s data and processing environment is built for scale. We use cutting-edge database and data processing technology, also deployed by some of the most notable online brands, including Amazon, Facebook, and Google. Our databases maintain failsafe redundancy. Data processing is spread across our server cluster hosted in a private facility in Dallas, Texas.


  • Lifecycle-Optimized Algorithms – Multiple algorithms work together to deliver the most accurate recommendation for the individual, based on both the customer and offer lifecycle. For example, a new customer with no or minimal history is independently evaluated versus a loyal customer with a rich profile. New deals, offers, products and promotions are assessed based on the available performance data and tested against similar deals, offers, products and promotions, to determine the appropriate recommendation at the right time.


  • Extensible & Flexible – The Nectar solution suite aggregates data from third parties through web services and easily integrates personalized recommendations into the most common ecommerce platforms and email service providers via customizable APIs. If you need something different or more specific, our technology team is happy to work with you to customize the deployment to meet your specifications.