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Nectar Integrates Social & Big Data to Hyper-Personalize Customer Communications


Our Story

We love data! And we have cracked the code on how to drive revenue using social and other customer data to hyper-personalize communications! Nectar Online Media started with the simple premise that many human behaviors can be predicted and developed the easiest one-to-one marketing software suite for our clients. There are many ‘real-world’ examples of behavior we can predict based on a situation or set of facts; we intuitively arrive at these conclusions:

  • Jane, an expectant mom, will likely buy a LOT of diapers!
  • Mike and Cindy just got engaged so will likely travel on a honeymoon …
  • Britney will likely need to buy bedding and decorations for her dorm room – she’s starting college this fall! Not to mention all those textbooks…

As a marketer, it’s been difficult to determine which of your customers is ready to buy before they start to shop around and make buying decisions. Consequently, mass advertising vehicles continue to be the primary mechanism to reach these audiences. Facebook and Google deliver more targeted advertising, but it’s still intrusive, and online shoppers have learned to ignore these ads.

Wouldn’t you want to pick up the phone and talk directly to Jane, or Mike and Cindy, or Britney before anyone else does? You already have their telephone number because they’re customers of yours. But how do you know that Jane is going to be a mom? Or that Britney is starting college this fall? There is nothing in their past buying behavior that gives you the slightest hint. Your customer clusters and segments may not be actionable enough.

Enter Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the world of social data! Your customers are announcing their happiness and news to the world (including you). Depending on your social media efforts, you may already have access to a treasure trove of data. However, our research suggests otherwise: nearly 97% of Fortune 1000 companies have not yet figured out how to monetize all this social data or simply aren’t doing it. CFOs continue to ask: What are the real results of all this social investment?

This is where Nectar Online Media comes in! We go beyond segmentation, and even beyond personalization. We help brands hyper-personalize your customer messages, enabling you to deliver the most relevant content, offers, products and recommendations to each customer at the optimal time. Nectar: The easiest one-to-one marketing suite. Period.

Our Passion

It’s simple! We believe the existing cache of social information is not being effectively utilized to deliver better customer shopping experiences, resulting in unmet revenue expectations for brands.

Email inboxes are cluttered and overflowing. In a Nectar poll, online users indicated they have an average of 4.5 email accounts. One of those is devoted to third-party emails to reduce inbox clutter They don’t go so far to call it ‘spam’, but it might as well be. In short, while hundreds of billions of emails are now being delivered, how many are actually being read? How many emails are driving the desired action?

In addition, customers are researching online before making a purchase. The showrooming phenomenon is turning the online / offline model on its head, impacting margin and revenue in a major way for big brands.

We believe that when you harness the big data from your customers’ social moments and combine those with prior behavior and purchases, brands can greatly improve the customer buying experience.

When you hyper-personalize, you get happy, loyal customers. And happy, loyal customers = happy, profitable brands.

At Nectar, not only do we deliver the most comprehensive marketing software suite, we also made it the easiest one-to-one marketing suite out there.



Nectar’s team of analysts, marketers and technologists partner with leading brands to help them navigate the world of social data. We work hand-in-hand with you to deliver results!

Our team has worked for and consulted to amazing brands, including AT&T, Bain & Company, Best Buy, JCPenney, Inter-Public Group, McKinsey & Company, Media General, Microsoft, Office Depot, and Omnicom.

We understand what it means to deliver real-world results and practical, actionable solutions.

Sound interesting? We’d love to get to know you and let you see our solutions in action.